Peace and Progress mini-workshops cultivate enhanced self care through stillness, community, mind-body connection, meditation and self-inquiry.  Reduce stress, gain insight and motivation and create life-affirming behaviors and habits.

Location: Heartwood Healing Collective


Intimate & Safe


8 women 

Private healing space

Experienced facilitators

Intentional instruction


Intention and Environment

Step closer to yourself

Cultivate inner resource

Ground in the now

Recharge for the future

Unique Experience


Herbal foot soaks and tea

Strengths-based coaching

Mindfulness-based meditation

Community power

This Is FOR YOU!

Yes! This is for you! We're calling for women who want to grow. Women in transition. Women willing to carve out time to consider HOW they feel and WHAT they want. Women ready to own WHERE they want to go next.

This experience is for women of all interests, ages, backgrounds and futures. We're holding this space for you who are called to return to yourself and your dreams, goals and well-being. Now is the time.

The time to make time for me.

The time to put thought and intention towards a topic that feeds my soul.  

The time to consider my best next.

Join Us To Honor Your Now and Your Next

Select a topic and time that works for you and reserve your seat in the circle!


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